Audit and its types, objects, methods

Audit and its types, objects, methods

Audit: types, objects and methods

An audit is a check of the work of a company (enterprise). Its main purpose is analysis, as well as a full study of the veracity of financial statements. All products produced by the company (enterprise) can be analyzed without exception. An audit has a lot to do with verification and audit. However, their goals will be different. The main objective of the audit can be called detecting errors and finding ways to resolve them. If compared with the audit, then everything can be done voluntarily, to improve performance.
There are several types and directions of audit:

  • external;
  • interior;
  • initiative.

The first is understood as voluntary. It is customary to conduct it with the obligatory involvement of outside experts. The goal will be to get an accurate and complete analysis. Such checks will have a positive impact on optimizing business processes.
Domestic companies produce themselves and thus protect investors and management. Here, an audit can be called monitoring compliance with the standards of their own professional activities by company employees.
Initiative can be done at the request of the leadership itself. Its purpose will be the detection of errors and omissions, the compliance of the document and the search for defects.
Thanks to such regular inspections, it is possible to quickly evaluate both the financial and economic activities of the company, as well as significantly increase the level of investor confidence and reduce any tax risks.
During such inspections, recommendations can be developed to help optimize business processes. In this case, a special audit document may be created. You may also need a statement of real estate.
Among the possible audit objects:

Resources. It can be finances, as well as labor and various intangible assets.
The results of the company, enterprise. This includes overall profitability, as well as individual processes and lines.
Management methods and organizations.

Whatever the audit, in the end, it is, first of all, needed by the company’s management. In the course of such procedures, the accounting records and the correctness of the execution of declarations are checked.

What are the audit methods?

Among the audit methods:

  • The study, which includes an external examination of equipment and machinery. It can be laboratory tests, weighing materials.
  • Juxtaposition. Here is a comparison of the current state of the object with its description in the documents.
  • In addition, various general scientific methods can be applied in the interests of the company. It can be various calculations, polls, characteristic exclusively for this sphere.

Virtual data rooms for the company

As a rule, documentation is checked during an audit. Modern business owners can even store corporate documents on the Internet. There is an data room for this. The data room provider creates and maintains such storage. They install virtual data room software.
Managing folders and files in the M&A data room is very simple for each user. Also, outsiders can download and view materials. However, this requires authorization.
If any problems arise during the use of such storage, the providers of virtual data rooms will help to solve them quickly.
Virtual data room services are the best business solution.


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