Electronic Document Compliance and e-Invoicing

Electronic Document Compliance and e-Invoicing

“Spend Less, Earn More” is the new mantra for small and medium scale companies striving to remain competitive. To remain at the forefront of business and industry needs, companies need affordable and easy-to-use enterprise-class document management systems that make document compliance easy and affordable even for small, home-based companies. Easy to use document management systems with our multi-domain architecture enable organizations to effectively document the control of their product or service, manage access to documents, track storage and security, as well as automate routine administration functions. Our multi-domain architecture and core set up capabilities enable us to meet the complex needs of our clients in a cost effective manner.

No matter what the legal requirement is, our award-winning EDocument Framework ensures complete and accurate document information for any legal requirement. With our award winning EDocument Compliance Software, companies can easily comply with any legal requirement, whether it is data leakage prevention, audit trails, standardization, compliance audits, or even fraud prevention. The software enables organizations to perform effective audits and document monitoring from a central location, without affecting the operational processes. The software is compliant with all the standards set forth by the NSDAP II (National Security Agency Domestic Implementation Guidelines).

Our software offers complete integration with our award winning Electronic Document Management System (EDM) and allows document management of both types of documents – sensitive and sun-sensitive. The un-sensitive documents are managed using our EDIMS Pro and can be managed either manually or automatically. Manual document management is ideal for complex and large-scale projects; however, automatic document compliance updates ensure the security of the system. This helps reduce the time spent on document compliance audits and updates.

Our ERP system also enables our customers to manage their business records using a single platform. Any changes to personnel files can be captured and logged in real time using our award winning Placeware Legal Protection suite. Employees’ activities are tracked, monitored and logged using our award-winning ERP system. This results in improved efficiency, reduced time spent with reviewing documents, reduction in employee theft and documentation loss and compliance with all government regulations.

Customers need to understand that their legal requirements must be followed and documents must be compliant with the various government and international standards. It is not enough to state the purpose of the document. Organizations must demonstrate how the purpose and legal effect of the document will achieve their compliance objectives. It is critical to understand the differences between legal and internal document requirements.

To successfully integrate any business process into a cloud platform, it is necessary to have the best source document management in place. This ensures that all documents can be securely stored and retrieved, easily reviewed, edited and modified and tracked. The ability to access information from any device, at any time, is essential. The ability to track and access emails, contacts and project documents across all devices is crucial to maintaining effective and compliant processes.

By integrating any business process into a cloud platform, it becomes easy to track all activity, understand what each document represents and track all legal requirements as they relate to them. Implementing in house compliance solutions is time consuming and tedious for a small business. Cloud-based document tracking helps eliminate unnecessary manual entry and eliminates duplicate work whilst significantly improving efficiency and reducing errors.

When implementing e-Invoicing and documentation tracking solutions it is important to choose the right application interface framework. The correct e-Invoicing solution should provide maximum ease of use and maximise productivity. The chosen EDocument application interface framework must support flexible functionality and be able to handle various document types, multiple user levels and multi-lingual documents. The chosen EDocument application interface framework should be designed in such a way that allows for rapid document searches and updates while providing an extensible data model that can grow as your company grows. The right application interface framework will allow you to build secure and compliant e-commerce business processes, saving you time and money on legal requirements.

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